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8.8cm Panzerjäger "Ferdinand"

15cm sFH 13/1 on ex-French Lorraine Schlepper, El Alamein, Egypt, October 1942

7.5cm Panzerjäger "Marder I", Eastern Front, Winter 1942/3

7.5cm Panzerjäger "Marder I", France, Spring 1944

SdKfz.131 »Marder II« Panzerjäger [Tank Hunter]

The "Kohlenklau" as part of PzJgAbt (Sfl) 561, Russia, March 1943

SdKfz.132 "Marder" IID 7.62cm Panzerjäger [Tank Hunter] called "Liesel"

Winter Camouflage, Russia, Winter 1942/43

Note air recognition flag over rear top and fire extinguisher beneath

Summer Camouflage, Russia, Summer 1943

Ненавидишь «Совок»? Тошнит от «ваты»? Жми!

Tags: Großdeutsches Reich, die deutsche wehrmacht

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