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Османская империя, карта Соединенных Штатов, 1803 год.

In this map, the newly independent United States is labeled “The Country of the English People” (“İngliz Cumhurunun Ülkesi”). The Iroquois Confederacy shows up as well, labeled the “Government of the Six Indian Nations.” A version of the Turkish language written in a slightly modified Arabic script was used. Manitoba is written as جنوب ویلز جدید meaning "New South Wales." Scattered names west of the States are: Algonquin, Abitibi, Ottawas, Chippawa, Western Sioux, Eastern Sioux, Qara panlis (Blackfoot), Aq panlis(Whitefoot), Illinois, Missouries, Chickasaw, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc. Florida is "Eastern Florida" and Louisiana state is "Western Florida" However, the entire area west of Mississippi river is called Louisiana The States, from top: New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Approximately where Texas is, it reads: "The land of Mexico."

Ненавидишь «Совок»? Тошнит от «ваты»? Жми!


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