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Однажды в США.

Nearly 1,000 uniformed men wearing swastika arm bands and carrying Nazi banners parade past a reviewing stand in New Jersey on July 18, 1937. The New Jersey division of the German-American Bund opened its 100-acre Camp Nordland at Sussex Hills. Dr. Salvatore Caridi of Union City, spokesman for a group of Italian-American Fascists attending as guests, addressed the bund members as "Nazi Friends."

German American Bund Camp youth salute Hindenburg in Griggstown, New Jersey.

Members of the German-American Bund form a guard of honor before the speaker's stand as Fritz Kuhn, leader of the Bund, addresses a crowd at Hindenberg Park, La Crescenta, near Los Angeles, California, on April 30, 1939. This caption originally stated the park was in Sunland. We regret the error.

American Nazi Bund Rally near Yaphank, New York, in 1937.

This "Adolf Hitler Strasse" is a street running through "Camp Siegfried" ,
a summer camp of the German American Bund in Yaphank, Long Island, New York.

Youths at a German-American Bund camp stand at attention as the American flag and the German-American Youth Movement flag, right, are lowered in a ceremony at sundown in Andover, New Jersey, on July 21, 1937.

Nazi "Bund" camp anniversary celebration, 1938.

Hundreds of German Americans give the Nazi salute to young men marching in Nazi uniforms.
The event was a German Day celebration sponsored by German American Bund at Camp Sigfried on Long Island.

Ненавидишь «Совок»? Тошнит от «ваты»? Жми!

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